Flaked Out

by Triple Sundae

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(free) 02:29


Mixed and mastered by Adam Dray and Mike Crampton.
Artwork by Nai Bee Illustrations.

Here's our second EP - thanks a lot to everyone who has ever supported us in any way.


released November 9, 2015

Hassan Afaneh - vocals / guitar
Michael Smith - guitar
Andy Sargent - bass
Dave Lewis - trombone / trumpet / additional vocals
Zandro Morreale - Drums

Additional organ riffz by Mike Crampton on track one and two



all rights reserved


Triple Sundae London, UK


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Track Name: Everything's Cool
I talk to myself inside my head,
hey how are you doing today?
I'm ok just got a lot on my plate,
clear it up I'm not coming back again,
I'm sick of always reminding you,
of all the shit that you gotta do,
cos you gotta do what you gotta do,
And I ain't gonna do that for you.

Then I start getting confused like bippidy boppidy boo,
and my brain starts to diffuse, exits the room and says
"It's all on you"
Now what am i to do?
But sit here in my room,
Procrastinating youth,
So afraid of the truth...
You're fucking lazy and you know its true.

I'm stabbing the brain inside my head,
Won't stop till it's fucking dead,
knife slices in to thin air,
nothing there but I like to pretend,
that I'm normal just like you,
and everything's cool,
When every single night,
I stay up with the moon,
and evaluate every mistake,
and every haunting step,
that slowly turned me in to this fucking wreck.

Have you ever crossed the street?
And thought "just fucking hit me"
I've become a product of my misery,
this world just wasn't made for me.

I'm trying to cope,
I'm dying too slow
Track Name: Combust
Sick of waiting for the day this earth combusts,
Getting rid of everyone,
All the people that I love,
And the ones I thought were,
Special but it was just me fucking up,
I guess I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Take me back to the feeling of innocence
I'm sick of the bitterness.
And if I could start all over again
I'd do everything different.

Around here it's every person for themselves,
a cruel way of life, but eventually you learn,
other people just tend to get in the way,
so don't let anyone in
I miss the feeling of innocence,
I miss the feeling of excitement,
I wanna know what it's like to be me again.
But I swear my selective memory,
needs to stop segregating sides of me,
always leaving me left out in the dark,
I'm just tryna pick up from where I left off.
but it's so damn hard when you don't know who you are.

Fuck all the friends that I've lost,
and fuck love,
except I miss them so much,
I'm so lost.
Track Name: Last Time
I can't remember the last time,
I woke up in a good mood,
wheezy lungs, a fucked up throat,
bloody teeth and coughing goo,
rinse my mouth out still won't do,
swallow it up and try to get through,
long hours of being talked to,
like a disposable prick with no use.

And I'll regurgitate every word you say,
if it means I'll get home by the end of the day,
just say the word and I'll be on the case,
if it means it'll get you off my case.

I'll do anything you want me to do,
if it'll get me home in the afternoon,
cos I'm no good before two,
I guess I could keep on pressing snooze.
stay asleep to avoid looking at you,
and listen to the bullshit you spew,
right in my face, your words enter brain then fade away,
within fifteen seconds man, what the fuck did you just say?

And I know you're only doing your job,
and I'm only doing mine too,
I just can't help it that when you speak,
it tears my fucking mind in two.

I'll do anything you want me to do,
if it'll get me home in the afternoon,
cos i'm no good before two,
I guess I could keep on pressing snooze.

And I'll regurgitate every word you say,
if it gets me home by the end of the day.